Now Appointment for Motor Registration and Driving License onwards (9:30 A.M) Tuesday and Thursday
** On appointment day Medical will be before 3:00 P.M                                            
** The appointment is subject to the speed of the server and the same may be cancelled in the eventnality of slow server speed.        
Appointment for Driving Licnese & Motor Registartion of Vehicle (9:30 A.M-5:00 P.M) Online fee payment for Driving License (>Online Services->Sarathi

How to get appointment:

Edisha Center,Karnal has started provision to take online appointment for Driving License(Learner, Permanent,Renewal,Duplicateetc.)/Motor Vehicle(New,Transfer,Loan Cancel etc) . This on-line appointment module has been implemented to assist the applicant to get an appointment  as per convenient date and time slot suitable to them by visiting District Administration website 

To book an appointment the applicant can also visit the  website ,click on the Schedule Appointment button. Only up to 300 appointments are allotted  for Tuesday & Thursday , for the various time slots between 9:30 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. The applicant can choose date & time as per their convenience.

How to go through Learners Licence and Permanent Driving Licence procedure ?

On getting confirmed online appointment for Learners Licence, applicant will have to remain present at the Learner Licence section, Ground Floor of the new building, half an hour prior to the allotted time. Applicant will then have to go through the following steps:

Learner License Procedure :-
(A) Verification of documents and physical fitness declaration i.e. eye vision, color blindness etc. 
(B) Payment of fees 
(C) Data entry 
(D) Biometrics (Digital photographs, signature, thumb impression capturing) 
(E) Road safety education and test preparation 
(F) On-line computer test of preliminary knowledge of Traffic signs etc. (10 questions - objective test on screen)

Permanent Driving License Procedure :-

(A) Driving test is conducted on same kind of vehicle for which application is made for obtaining driving license has been made.
(B) Payment of fees 
(C) Data entry 

Rejection or issuance of licence is done on spot, based on your test results.

Issuance of Learning Licence

Once the test results are declared, only those who have scored 6 or more points are declared passed, those who have failed may reappear for the test, after 7 days from the date of the test.

Successful candidates will receive their Learner Licence through Speed Post . The learner licence holder should appear for the test of competence for obtaining the permanent licence after 30 days and within 6 months from issue of Learner Licence. LL is valid for 6 months and cannot be renewed. On expiry of the Learner Licence, the holder will have to re-apply for new learners licence.

Issuance of Permanent Driving Licence

Successful candidates will receive their Permanent Driving Licence through Speed Post .

All applicants having jurisdiction under the SDM Office,Karnal are hereby requested to make best use of the newly implemented appointment system and assist this office in creating a transparent and efficient licence system based on eligibility.

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